Pacha Kamaq & C.

the origin of the universe in mythology and in religions

The whole universe exists because Wiraqocha created it;
the universe is nothing but Wiraqocha itself.
The earth, Pacha, is a living entity;
it breathes like a human being and follows its own life cycle.
Its tutelary spirit is called Pacha Kamaq.
INCA cosmology

Nothing has ever been created as often as the universe, so, it is easy to understand why Socrates (who must have been familiar in his day with a great number of the beliefs common to the peoples of the Mediterranean) held that when one does not know something one should admit it rather than place one's trust in outlandish hypotheses... Feyerabend in his "Dialogue on Method" addresses scientific knowledge efficacious by applying a religious approach whose epistemological advantages he acknowledged: where science sows doubt, religion offers certainty and tells us all about who created all things, how and when as well as how things will end.
The only real issue is choice.

"The world before the world" (Tjoyas and Reiss) provides a wealth of traditional popular cosmologies from all over the world. Here we find the world born of a word, from chaos, the sea, the night, silence, but also from animals, from fragments of divinities, from previous universes.

"Stories of Creation" (Hohler and Schubiger) goes beyond this by presenting 34 possible fantastic cosmologies; an amusing, poetical book for children aged from 4 to 99...

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